Idea Institute of creative design under the brand name of Idea Branding Agency, was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting and developing the business of organizations, large companies, and major commercial institutions in the field of advertising and communication. Since 2009 the agency has focused on branding, and later in 2014 was registered as a multi-purpose institution and expanded its activity in other cultural, artistic, and educational fields

The agency has been able to provide specialized consultation in the fields of branding, implementation of large and effective projects, organizing events, and specialized seminars and roundtables, with the help of leading and distinguished professionals from university professors, business owners and consultants active in the fields of advertising and communication inside and outside the country. As a result, it has achieved a name as a leading, purposeful institution in the service of advertising and communication in the country

درباره آژانس برندینگ ایده